Ramadan Fundraiser

Hello everyone, 

This Ramadan I will be fundraising money to help the less fortunate. Any donation you provide will directly go to the Muslim Welfare Centre of Toronto: a non-for-profit that provides groceries and other essential household items to anyone in need, irrespective of religion, nationality, caste or creed.

With your donations, MWC aims to:
*Deliver food packages to those who are unable to leave their homes or afford groceries.
*Continue to deliver fresh meals to the most vulnerable segments of our community, including seniors.
*Replenish and stock their food banks so that we can continue to help the marginalized when they need it the most.

As an incentive, anyone who donates will be provided access to free Ramadan-themed digital prints (preview below). My only request is that you donate a minimum amount of $20. These prints are hand-made by me and will not only make a beautiful addition to your home, but will serve as a reminder of your generosity. 

Click here to donate.

Thank you in advance, and have a wonderful day. 


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